About JCW Electrical Services

JCW Electrical Services, established five years ago by James West, is a reputable provider of electrical services. James leads our in-house team of highly trained engineers, ensuring a consistently high standard of work.

Commitment to Sustainability and Long-Term Service

We take pride in operating a sustainable business, prioritising long-term service to our customers. Our focus extends beyond immediate needs, emphasising enduring relationships and solutions built for longevity.

Extensive Industry Experience – Over 15 Years

With a combined experience of over 15 years, CW Electrical Services excels in diverse electrical installations. Our expertise spans domestic, commercial, and renewable energy projects, reflecting our broad capabilities.

JCW Electrical Services

Our Business Objective is to deliver practical Solutions

Our mission revolves around delivering practical solutions. Whether it involves ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems or implementing renewable energy solutions.

As we progress, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction remains steadfast. Choose JCW Electrical Services for reliable, professional electrical solutions backed by a proven track record spanning over 15 years.

Core Values

At the heart of JCW Electrical Services Ltd are core values that define our approach to business.

Sustainability and Reputation

Sustainability is ingrained in our company culture. Our commitment to providing a high level of reliable service has earned us an unrivalled reputation among our existing and growing client base—a source of pride for us. With a fully employed team, we maintain complete control over projects, ensuring we do things right today to prevent issues tomorrow. Our passion for long-term thinking aligns seamlessly with our Renewable and Green Energy services, such as Solar PV and LED Lighting Installation.


A culture of continuous development drives us to deliver workmanship of the highest standard. From initial concept design to installation and aftercare, we strive for excellence in every job. This commitment is evident in many of our commercial electrical installation projects, where we take pride in the full circle of service we provide.


In an industry evolving rapidly, we navigate the changes to provide the best and most up-to-date solutions that stand the test of time. This commitment is particularly pronounced in our EV Charging and Battery Storage Solutions, where we have approved installers for leading manufacturers like Tesla Powerwall, MyEnergi, and GivEnergy.

JCW Electrical Services Ltd in Mold, Flintshire’s Premier Electrician

At JCW Electrical Services, we take on work that we can fulfil in a timely, personal manner, making every customer our priority, regardless of the job size. Our Mold-based electricians offer specialized electrical services across North Wales, delivered punctually and within budget. Despite our capability to provide specialist services, we maintain a personalised, flexible approach, with a qualified team of local electricians.

Every job undertaken by JCW is fully insured and comes with a 12-month warranty, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Holding industry accreditations like Stroma and Part P self-certification, we stand behind the quality of our work.

Passion for Clean Energy

As your local electrician in Flintshire, JCW is dedicated to providing services for homeowners, landlords, and businesses to make sustainable choices. From Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point installation to solar panel fitting, we empower our community to embrace green solutions. Our website designer is also passionate about sustainable web design.

Beyond our service, we actively contribute to our community by taking on electrical apprentices, collaborating with local businesses, and bringing innovative electrical solutions to North Wales.

Choose JCW Electrical Services Ltd – Where Sustainability, Excellence, and Innovation Meet Practical Solutions.

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