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Commercial | Rhos Helyg Primary School | June 2023

Case Study: Seamless Transition to Energy-Efficient LED Lighting


In the wake of the RoHS Directive phasing out fluorescent lamps and the impending September Ban, Rhos Helyg Primary School embarked on a mission to replace their outdated and unreliable lighting system. With only one out of six electrical contractors having assessed the project, our team stepped in with a unique and cost-effective solution.

  1. Comprehensive Lighting Design

Distinguishing ourselves from the competition, we proposed a comprehensive lighting design that not only met required Lux levels but also adhered to industry standards. This bespoke solution ensured optimal energy savings and included transparent payback calculations, setting the stage for a cutting-edge lighting system.

  1. Aesthetic Enhancement and Improved Learning Environment

Beyond mere functionality, our installation aimed at creating a more aesthetically pleasing and conducive learning environment for the children. By transitioning from outdated T5/T8 fluorescent tubes, the energy savings alone positioned the project to recoup its investment within an impressive 5-6 years.

  1. Leveraging Government Funding

Capitalising on the payback period, Rhos Helyg Primary School successfully accessed interest-free funding through the government’s SALIX scheme. This financial support not only facilitated the implementation of the LED lighting but also showcased our commitment to sustainable and economically viable solutions.

  1. Unmatched Benefits for Educational Spaces

Elevating our proposition to the top of the class, we introduced an industry-leading 7-year product warranty on the installed LED lights. Furthermore, our lighting system incorporated selectable options, allowing for the customization of Lux levels. This versatility ensures an optimal learning atmosphere with the ability to adjust light levels as needed.


In summary, our seamless installation of energy-efficient LED lighting at Rhos Helyg Primary School not only met the immediate needs of compliance but also delivered long-term benefits. From energy savings to enhanced aesthetics and a superior learning environment, our solution stood out, securing both the school’s and students’ bright future.

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Commercial | Gym Lighting & Power | 2023

Case Study: Illuminating Success in Gymnasium Lighting & Power Installation


Our involvement in the electrical installation work for a gymnasium was for improved lighting and the upgrade of the distribution system. The goal was to metamorphose a poorly lit warehouse unit into a fully functional, state-of-the-art gym.

  1. Trusted Electrical Transformation

The client’s decision to entrust us with this project was rooted in the need for a contractor capable of delivering an impressive, reliable, and energy-efficient electrical system within a tight budget and timescale. Despite the challenges posed by the limited natural light in the unit and the dynamic variables within the project, we rose to the occasion.

  1. Overcoming Challenges

Navigating through the constraints of limited natural light and evolving project dynamics, we executed the electrical installation seamlessly. Our commitment to reliability and energy efficiency was not compromised, ensuring the gymnasium received an illumination upgrade that exceeded expectations.

  1. Client Satisfaction

Our performance was not just satisfactory; it exceeded our client’s expectations. Once a poorly lit warehouse, the gymnasium now stands as a modern and purpose-fit facility. The transformation was visual and functional, creating a space that aligns with contemporary standards.

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In conclusion, our role in the lighting installation for the gymnasium exemplifies our ability to deliver transformative electrical solutions even in challenging environments. From conceptualisation to execution, we prioritised reliability, energy efficiency, and client satisfaction, resulting in a gymnasium that is now a beacon of modernity.

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