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Domestic | Kitchen Rewiring | June 2023

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Case Study: Household Rewiring


When this customer faced disappointment from a previously appointed electrical company, we stepped in to salvage the situation. Referred to us by one of our satisfied customers, we swiftly provided a quotation, defined the scope, and completed the rewiring for their new kitchen and rear extension within an impressive 7 days.

  1. Prompt Rescuing from Delays

Having experienced letdowns from a different electrical company, the customer sought our assistance. Within a week, we not only assessed the requirements but also executed the first fix wiring, ensuring that the project stayed on track and could be completed within the original time constraints.

  1. Exceeding Expectations

Our quick response and efficient handling of the project not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations. The household rewiring, particularly in the new kitchen and rear extension, showcased our commitment to prompt and reliable electrical services.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing Final Touch

Beyond functionality, we paid attention to the aesthetics. The choice of Antique Brass accessories complementing the tap and door handles demonstrated our dedication to detail. The final product not only met electrical standards but also added a touch of elegance to the household.


In conclusion, our intervention in this household rewiring project not only rectified past disappointments but also delivered a solution that met our client’s needs promptly and aesthetically. Attention to detail, efficiency, and a commitment to customer satisfaction define our approach to every project.

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