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Battery Storage | Flat Roof Installation | 2023

Battery storage on flat roof with feed in tariff already in place

Case Study for Optimising Energy Harvesting with Battery Storage and Solar PV Panels


Situated on the outskirts of Chester, our client sought a comprehensive solution to optimise her existing Solar PV panels and store excess energy for evening use. Having explored options with multiple battery storage installation companies, she faced challenges regarding the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) incentive scheme and the high cost of battery storage.

  1. The Challenge of Maximising Solar Generation without Compromising FIT Scheme

The client’s existing Solar PV panels were generating excess energy, but the standard solution of replacing the inverter would void her current FIT arrangements. This presented a dilemma, as retrofitting a battery alone didn’t qualify for the government’s VAT-free incentive scheme for Renewable energy installations.

  1. A Tailored Solution Utilising Existing Roof Space

Our innovative solution involved utilising the flat roof above her garage. We installed an additional four ultra-efficient Solar PV panels in this space. To preserve the FIT scheme, we avoided replacing the inverter, opting instead for an AC-coupled GivEnergy inverter and a 5.2KwH Battery dedicated to the new panels.

  1. Additional Benefits: Doubling Generation and Power Security

The integration of the new Solar PV panels almost doubled energy generation. Furthermore, a manual changeover switch was fitted, allowing the battery to power the house during power cuts, enhancing overall energy resilience.

  1. Client Satisfaction: Preserving FIT Scheme, Increased Generation, and Cost Efficiency

Our client expressed extreme satisfaction with the overall installation, primarily due to the preservation of her FIT scheme, increased energy generation, and significant cost reductions with the VAT-free incentive. The entire installation, fully approved for grid connection, comes with a 2-year insurance-backed warranty and is MCS accredited.


In conclusion, our tailored approach to integrating battery storage with additional Solar PV panels demonstrates our commitment to addressing the specific needs of our clients. By preserving existing incentives, doubling energy generation, and ensuring cost efficiency, our solution stands as a testament to our expertise in renewable energy installations.

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