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Example EV Charger Installation North Wales by JCW

Case Study for Streamlining EV Charging for Efficient Fleet Management


In response to the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) within their fleet, one of our esteemed clients in Deeside, operating a small fleet of EVs for their road-based sales team, sought an enhanced and reliable solution for charging their vehicles at the office.

  1. Overcoming Congestion Challenges at HQ

With three outdated charge points, including one notoriously temperamental unit, our client faced congestion and reliability issues at their headquarters. Our task was clear: provide a dependable and cost-effective EV charging solution for the staff vehicles.

  1. Infrastructure Upgrade and Addition of 7.2kw ICS Wall-Mounted EV Chargers

We tackled the temperamental EV charger by upgrading it using existing infrastructure. To alleviate congestion, we strategically installed two additional 7.2kw ICS wall-mounted EV chargers. This not only increased capacity but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the charging station.

  1. Streamlined Access with RFID Cards and Remote Monitoring

For streamlined and secure access, each staff member received an RFID card, granting them the ability to unlock and charge their vehicles. To ensure optimal performance and utilisation, all chargers were connected over WiFi, enabling remote access and real-time monitoring.

  1. Cost Savings Through Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

As OZEV approved installers, we advised our client about the eligibility for a grant under the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). This proactive approach resulted in a cost-saving of £1050 for the commercial EV charge point installation, making the upgrade not only efficient but also financially advantageous.


In conclusion, our intervention in upgrading and expanding the EV charging infrastructure at our client’s headquarters exemplifies our commitment to providing reliable and innovative solutions. From overcoming congestion challenges to implementing secure access and leveraging cost-saving opportunities, our approach ensures an efficient and sustainable EV charging station.

For more information on our EV Charging Installation Service, please visit our EV Charging page here.

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